USA - Hardest Hit By Trump's Trade Tariffs ? VP Mike Pence's Home Town

We suspect that local support for Vice President and Rampant Christian Evangelist Homophobe Mike Pence might soon be dwindling.

Columbus, Indiana is a fairly normal small American city, with a variety of industries and businesses, but with one key differenvce - over half of it's economy is driven by imports and exports.

And in a Brookings Institution analysis, it's now been named as the area that is expected to be most negatively affected by the Trump's Tariffs.

Tom Linebarger, the CEO of Cummins, the local largest employer, warned of impending job cuts, and said ...
The Trump administration's escalating tariffs hurt our ability to import parts from other countries, AND makes it more difficult to sell our own products overseas because of retaliatory tariffs imposed by other nations.
While lawmakers have warned that the tariffs ultimately hurt American workers, Trump has only ratcheted up his rhetoric. He has said the European Union (EU) is a "foe," particularly when it comes to trade, and vowed to take additional action if a new deal is not struck soon.

Trump's comments and policies have roiled longtime U.S. allies, and prompted the EU, Canada, Mexico and others to implement retaliatory tariffs on U.S. goods.

Call it whatever you like, but it's already a Trade War.