USA - The Mass Grave Of 162 Unknown Immigrants

A mass grave discovered in Texas contains the bodies of immigrants who died crossing the border. The grave in Falfurrias, Texas, contains bodies buried in plastics bags or sometimes without any container.

The immigrants are believed to have died of thirst or heat exhaustion while traversing the tough terrain to enter the United States from Mexico. Researchers from Baylor University exhumed 110 unidentified bodies in 2013. This summer, 2018, researchers have performed a further 52 exhumations, but because some remains were stored together, further study will be needed to determine exactly how many bodies have been recovered, Baker said.

Some remains were found under small, temporary grave markers bearing the name of local funeral home Funeraria del Angel Howard-Williams, which has refused to comment. County Officials said they pay the funeral home to handle bodies recovered in the remote parts of South Texas. The practice has been going there as long as he can remember, at least 22 years.

Eddie Canales, an immigrant rights advocate who has worked to try and prevent immigrant deaths on the long and arduous trail they take through Brooks County establishing water stations says the dead deserve dignity in death.
'I think it’s very hard for people to connect in the fact that these were human beings. It just goes to the language, to the words, and words mean a lot: 'All these were illegals.' Even in death, they wound up not getting the proper respect.