Morning Joe Fact Checking Trump's Claims And They're Not Happy

Apart from Fox News, Morning Joe is Trump's second favourite TV show, apparently.

If you're not familiar with the show, it's the third-ranking American Breakfast Show, but the most popular purely political morning show in the US, hosted from the Right angle by Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough and from the Liberal angle by Mika Brzezinski. They often argue. Yet to add to the spice, the co-presenters recently got engaged.

They've usually been 100% supportive of him, being described as "lapdogs" and their relationship as "brown-nosers", coming to a head when the Trump Administration threatened and tried to blackmail them into retracting a critical piece.

Trump has also come under fire for his misogynistic comments about Mika, calling her ...
.. low IQ crazy Mika, bleeding badly from a facelift ...
As you can imagine, they've both recently cooled in their love for Donald. And recently they've started fact-checking his statements. And they're not happy with their former idol. Here's they're latest.