USA - Proud Boy Fascists Run Out Of Los Angeles Bar

'Proud Boys' flashing their favourite 'White power' symbol.
The Fascist Proud Boys Organisation (never figured out what they're proud of. Celibacy?) are marked by their White Supremacist beliefs - and it's led to public ridicule on a regular basis.

This time, on Saturday, they were run out of the LA bar 'The Griffin' by LA locals who were video'd shouting : 

“No Proud Boys, No KKK, No Fascist USA !!”

The L.A. chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) shared video of the incident on Twitter, in which their members and others from anti-gentrification group Defend North East Los Angeles can be heard chanting and yelling “F--- you, Fascist,” “Get out of here, Nazi” and “Fascist pigs, squeal, you’re all swine.”
Last night our members and allies in @defendnela ran a proud boy meet up out of the Griffin in Atwater Village. The bar knew about it and the manager defended them, but we shut it down anyway. Don’t let nazis convene in your city!

DSA Los Angeles (@DSA_LosAngeles) July 15, 2018
A video taken outside the bar shows a verbal confrontation between members of the leftist groups and Proud Boys wearing 'MAGA' hats. One of the Proud Boys says in the video ...
Irish people were slaves just like the f---ing black people.
Local Activists soon saw them off ...
This footage, which sure looks like a proud boy’s mom telling him it’s time to go home, was taken by Defend North East Los Angeles after this dude’s friends shoved a woman at their management-approved hate meetup at The Griffin. please enjoy.

-- josh androsky (@ShutUpAndrosky) July 15, 2018
The Griffin’s owners responded to the incident in an Instagram post, saying that they did not support or condone the Proud Boys’ meet-up and that they tried to “kill them with kindness” to get them to leave, because the bar does not have any formal security.
Neither I nor my business partner support any Nazi or White Supremacist groups and this is not a Nazi bar. It’s MY bar and I’m ultimately responsible for what happened last night and I feel terrible and actually sick to my stomach. … We are not a bar that in any way supports hate groups - and any staff that does will be dealt with.
More 'Proud Boys', more 'White power' symbols.