USA - The Putin-Trump Link, Proven By Court Documents

We love MSNBC's Rachel Maddow. She has a perfect "I'm Taking No Sh!t" attitude. She's just 'Here's The Facts, Okay?'. Razor sharp.

She suggested yesterday that Putin has dirt on Trump and that Trump is working in the interest of Russia instead of the United States.

And she stated - openly - that Russia's involvement in the US Political process began very early in the Trump Campaign, with the involvement of Maria Butina as a direct conduit from Putin, to the NRA, to Trump.

And she proves it.

We guarantee you - watch it through, and see her unbreachable forensic and legal detective analysis - using the Official Court Indictment Documents.

In a monologue following the leaders' controversial summit in Helsinki, Finland, Maddow said Putin having dirt on Trump would be the "worst-case scenario" for Americans but that people must prepare for it to be true.
There is no reason for any of those [Trump campaign connections to Russia]. Unless you were willing to believe the worst. And who wants to believe the worst ? You don’t want to think too hard about the worst-case scenario.
If the worst case is true, for everything that we’ve been through as a country, for every kind of trial and challenge and intrigue and embarrassment and scandal that we have been through as a nation, we haven’t ever had to reckon with the possibility that somebody has ascended to the presidency of the United States to serve the interests of another country rather than our own.
This is a reason why there’s a big national freak-out over what the President just did in public. Whatever happened in the long private meeting Trump insisted on taking with Putin today with no other American officials present, whatever happened there, what happened in public thereafter has really shaken the country today.