USA - The 'Unmasking Antifa' Fact Sheet That's 100% False

There is a Bill in the US promoted by Dan Donovan, Republican Congressman for New York, that seeks to further criminalise violent acts while 'mask-wearing', and is aimed at attacking a range of social movements from Black Lives Matter, to Environmental Protesters, to AntiRacist activists.

He's calling it the 'Unmasking Antifa' Act.

It’s Going Down got a copy of a “fact sheet” which his office has been distributing to media as he promotes his bill.
IGD - The outcome will be a signal to the Far-Right and Alt-Right, that the Trump administration has their back, that it turns the other way in the face of acts of far-Right violence, and that it will mobilize the State to attack anyone that would stand up to them.
This of course is coupled with the reality that like never before, the Far-Right is engaging in acts of murder and terror against the public.
IGD - In the eyes of elites like Dan Donovan however, the main threat is those that would stand up to them, not the neo-Nazis, Alt-Right trolls, and white supremacists who are murdering people on our streets, in our schools, and in our places of worship.

The Donovan “fact sheet” is rife with errors. He quotes four examples, and all are false :
February, 2017 - AntiFa threw Molotov Cocktails at Berkeley.
  • No, some eye witness reported some fireworks, no one threw bottles filed with gasoline. This was 'reported' by Right Wing sources who weren't there, and has gone on to to be added, purely on that basis, into both FBI and DHS reports, which has mutated into false claims that AntiFa “firebombed Trump supporters”. (Politico)
June, 2017 - Police detained AntiFa in Portland, Oregon and 'seized a large number of weapons'
  • Some AntiFa were detained - as were many Neo Nazis, twice as many - for various public disorder offences. There is no police record of 'large number weapons being seized' from AntiFa. Oh - and he got the date wrong, he was a year out, this happened in 2016. (Portland, Or Police Media Office, in our phone call today)
June 2017 - 7 were stabbed in clashes between White Supremacists and Counter-Protestors in Sacramento.
  • The stabbings were carried out by Neo-Nazi skinheads, carrying 'SS shields' with swastika tattoos. Police after the demonstration attempted to work with one of the neo-Nazis, Derrik Punneo (a long and violent history of assault, attempted rape, and domestic abuse) in order to ID antifascist protesters. Even going so far as to tell him, “We’re looking at you as the victim.” The leader of the neo-Nazi skinheads in Sacramento has since been arrested on gun trafficking charges. (Politico)
August 2017 - Masked AntiFa 'chased and beat' Trump supporters in Berkeley
  • Far-Right provocateurs – not ‘Trump supporters’ – entered into a massive crowd of 10,000 AntiRacist - not AntiFa - protesters in Berkeley, and attempted to harass, attack, and film people within the crowd, leading to several fights. The 'source' for the 'Masked AntiFa chased and beat' is Keith Campbell, a member of the Oath Keepers Far Right Militia. (IGD)

As a 'Fact Sheet', it's false, and mainly based on Far Right Extremist sources. Clearly, we now know where Dan Donovan gets his 'news from'.

If you're looking for masked violence, Dan, here :

American AtomWaffen NeoNazis, involved in numerous murders :

Far Right 'Golden State Skinheads' with weapons, including firearms and knives :

We could post 173 other examples - but you get the point.