USA - Why 'Fact Checking' and 'Reality Check' Do Not Apply to Trump

Good Opinion Piece this, on NPR in the States.
We make mistakes, get corrected, make amends, apologize and move on. The president does not.

The president may not even tell "lies" in the sense that the rest of us might.
If we lie and are exposed, we face consequences that affect us personally. It is different for this president.

Why is it different? Because the very idea of error or deception requires a shared sense of what is actually correct or truthful. The key word here is shared, and that is what seems to be lacking.
Our current president makes a practice of describing things not as they are but as he wants them to be — or at least as he wants them to be perceived. He puts his idealized version forward constantly, not as vision for the future but as a view of the present.
Repeat myths enough and they will eventually take hold.

Deny truths for long enough and eventually enough people will doubt.

It's a technique that Joseph Goebbels initiated and perfected in Nazi Germany in the 1930s but it was used well before that. Have no doubt that it is page one of the Fascist playbook.