Vote Leave's AIQ Pushed Fake Ads During Jo Cox Campaign Pause

One of many Lies told by Vote Leave - and during a time when Brexit sides had agreed not to Campaign

When Jo Cox was murdered by the Far Right's Thomas Mair during the Brexit Campaign, the Far Right and Trump fans celebrated the deed.

And all Brexit Campaigning was suspended for a time out of respect - by all parties involved.

Well .. not quite all. Vote Leave carried on regardless, through their contracted Data Arm, AIQ.

As summarised by Sophie Germain on Twitter, it's been revealed that AIQ - part of the huge Cambridge Analytica Scandal - continued posting ads for Vote Leave right after Jo Cox's murder, when both sides had clearly and rightfully agreed to stop campaigning.

These ads of course were mainly lies, and as such are being investigated by a Commons Committee.

Carole Cadwalladr of the Guardian - the journalist who broke the Cambridge Analytica Scandal and keeps breaking more ...
You know with phone hacking, there was the ‘Milly Dowler moment’. Could this be a Jo Cox moment? Official Vote Leave campaign puts out fake ‘Breaking News’ ad after she’s murdered. During time in which all sides had agreed to suspend campaigning. Gobsmacking. And utterly chilling.

Jo Cox. After her death, parties respected a Campaign Suspension. Vote Leave chose not to.