Yaxley-Lennon - aka Tommy Robinson - More Contempt Of Court ?

Originally published in July, reposting as updated today, 24th October :

We passed this information and supporting data to the relevant authorities and we have now received confirmation that three Regional Police Forces have begun actively investigating these instances of possible Contempt of Court against Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, in addition to the recently delayed Leeds case.

Just hypothetically - for now - let's say that Yaxley-Lennon committed Contempt of Court numerous times, in addition to the incidents at Canterbury and Leeds, the cases we know well, the crimes for which he was found guilty and eventually jailed.

For Contempt of Court, as far as we can read from our research, time does not matter.  Summarising the Limitation Act 1980 ...
For offences triable at the next level up (i.e. Crown Court, High Court, and higher), these carry no timebar. The authorities can take action at any time no matter how far back the offences had taken place.
In the UK, whether an offence is classified as a summary or serious offence is usually given in the relevant statute that applies that offence — what the written law has classified it as. If the statute is silent on the matter, the practical implication is the offence has no timebar.
Yaxley-Lennon - Guilty of more ?
We all know - or at least those of us who choose to be correctly informed - the details surrounding Yaxley's CoC at Leeds, the appeal of which is subject to judgement on which we are waiting. 

So ... what if there were another cases which appear to have been overlooked ?

For which he could still be charged ?

Case 1 - April 12, 2017

At Kirklees in Huddersfield, Yaxley confronted defendants accused of child sexual exploitation as they arrived and left court. This was prior to their eventual convictions. Local news described the scenes as 'ugly'.

Robinson at Kirklees
Some of the defendants walked into court as normal, some covered their faces or hid behind others to avoid being photographed or filmed by the press photographers and TV film crews outside the court.

But being photographed or filmed is one thing.

Yaxley went further, and perhaps too far, legally. confronting and intimidating anyone who went in, at one point shouting to a random, unknown person "What you in court for, mate ?" and even attempting to
intimated their young female solicitor. Unpleasant, but probably legal.

However ... The official Rebel Media Video - posted on his official @TRobinsonNewEra account and YouTube, called them 'Muslim Rape Gangs' - (no 'allegedly'). This was repeated in the video, the title, and the accompanying text. In the video, he asks why they did it : "Why did you rape kids?" 

This happened before the men were convicted.

The defendants were, of course, found guilty - and it's highly debatable whether this video affected the case - although if the solicitor had reported this, it may well have done.

But neither of those two facts are the point. Assumption of Guilt by 'media' - even amateurs - is, we're advised, Contempt of Court.

Here's the relevant clips from the video ...

Case 2 - April 26, 2017

In Oxford,Yaxley confronted Muslim Gang members accused of being involved in child sexual exploitation.

The video described Yaxley 'Exposing a second grooming gang in a week" ignoring he fact that they were exposed already, being arrested and on trial. Some of the people he accosted he had to ask them what case they were involved with, not knowing whether they were accused, witnesses, or staff.

There was no 'alleged', no 'on trial', just 'Guilty'. Yaxley stated four times to those outside court ...
You're here defending paedophiles !
The Oxford Video was again
livestreamed, just as at Leeds
He then chases after one (presumed) defendant ...
You been raping kids, 'ave ya ? You been raping children ?
He chants - seven times - to a random muslim ...
You're in court for raping kids !
This happened before the men were convicted.

Again, assumption - in fact, statement - of guilt. And again, this is another official Rebel Media Video.

Here's the relevant clips from the video ...

Then on May 8th 2017, Yaxley was arrested by police at his home on charges of Contempt of Court. The Judge's ruling was clear.
In short, Mr. Yaxley-Lennon, turn up at another court, refer to people as "Muslim paedophiles, Muslim rapists" and so on and so forth while trials are ongoing and before there has been a finding by a jury that that is what they are, and you will find yourself inside. Do you understand?
It's not as if Yaxley was unaware of the law.

Case 3 - October 24, 2017 (Probable)

12 men appeared at Sheffield Magistrates' Court accused of child sex offences. They were found guilty.

Yaxley's report was live streamed on both Facebook and Twitter. His Twitter account is now suspended and Yaxley set up a new page Facebook Page just before he went to jail.

Thus the videos are hard to track down, but we're searching. We'll find them. We are also examining the legal process where we can obtain, from Periscope, the full transmission.

We have been advised that Yaxley outright called them all 'Guilty', 11 times ... many days before the trial ended.

Tweets from Yaxley stating so were posted, reposted by Rebel Media - and then quickly deleted by the latter, we are advised, 'for legal reasons'. The original Yaxley posts remained on his account until it was suspended.

In Summary

Given Yaxley's fondness for turning up at grooming trials and his numerous contempts of various courts, it seems he thought he was immune from the law even then. He has learnt otherwise, since.

He has a clear agenda at disrupting trials to further his own agenda against Muslims and inciting hatred and violence and has no care for the victims in these trials.

And we maintain that these cases should be investigated by the Police and Judiciary to ascertain if they, as we think, represent further examples of Yaxley's numerous breaches of the Law.

And we have contacted the courts and police forces involved. 

Note : We have run this piece via our legal advisors before posting.