21st Century Poverty in the UK - The UN Investigates

After the United Nations attacked the UK for it's failure on Disability Rights they are now investigating the level of Extreme Poverty in the UK.

Poverty. In the UK. In a G7 nation.

After 8 years of Tory Government, the Rich-Poor gap is wider than ever. This Government is failing in it's basic duty.

Professor Philip Alston, the UN rapporteur on Extreme Poverty and Human Rights is coming in November to investigate has called for submissions from anyone in the UK to establish ...
... the most significant human rights violations experienced by people living in poverty and extreme poverty in the UK.
He is interested in the impact of austerity, universal credit, the advent of computer algorithms making decisions on welfare matters, and Brexit.

Professor Alston
Due here in November
The visit is set to be politically controversial. Alston conducted a similar exercise in the US earlier this year, which resulted in public clashes with the Trump administration. In the UK, he wants to know “to what extent austerity has been necessary” and its impact on public services including police, firefighting and libraries.

He will also consider how Brexit might affect people living in poverty. Alston defines extreme poverty as ...
... a lack of income, a lack of access to basic services, and social exclusion.
Human Rights Watch, an organisation more often associated with defending rights in countries such as Russia, China, Syria, and India, is planning to tell Alston about food poverty in the UK.
There is a lot of hunger that goes under the radar, ranging from parents skipping meals, kids showing up to school hungry, and schools and families relying on low-cost, redistributed surplus food to make ends meet.
People have a right to food and an adequate standard of living. These are human rights the government is obliged to ensure under international treaties it has signed. If the fifth largest economy in the world is failing to ensure that basic minimum, or letting things get worse, particularly for those who are least well off, then that is certainly something we will be bringing to the rapporteur’s attention.
The right to an adequate standard of living is enshrined in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Currently, 10s of 1000s of persons nationwide are on the breadline and using food banks to eat. 1000s of those, while in work.