AntiFascism, Forty Years Ago

We've said many times that as a team here we stand on the shoulders of those who went before us. Fighting Nazism, Racism and Fascism is not a journey with an end point, it is a process, ongoing and never ending. Accept it.

A perfect example here is this image from 1978, with members of the band Steel Pulse and singer/songwriter Tom Robinson promoting an Anti-Nazi League Rally in London.

Back in those days, some of the *cough* more mature contributors to the Far Right Watch Team used to go toe-to-toe with the thugs and Nazis of the National Front and various early versions of the BNP. In those days, we fought them on the streets - and some of us have the scars to show for it.

Times change, the platform and the battlefields change, and the participants are either older and greyer - or younger and just as determined.

One thing never changes. We shall never stop fighting.

Times change ...

The Battlefield changes ...
The Fight Continues