AntiSemitism - Climate of Fear Has Shut Down Effective Debate

After Chief Rabbi Lord Sachs' comments on Jeremy Corbyn this week, calling him a modern-day Enoch Powell, he has rightly come under severe criticism for reducing an important issue to such a casual - and entirely false - comparison.

Sachs has been roundly attacked in the media, and this is due to - at least in part - his political motivation behind the attack.

Sachs, a dyed in the wool Tory, detests Corbyn and always has, for various reasons but primarily Corbyn's left politics. Much mention has been made of Sachs own documented hard-right, nationalistic stance as the key motivation behind this outburst. Sacks' attack looks increasingly politically based.

But whilst some of the criticism of Sachs has been as extreme as his own 'Rivers of Blood' comment, we note that in fact all valid criticism of Sachs - especially on Social Media - is now being labeled as AntiSemitism.
You may not like his policies
but the fact remains that
Jeremy Corbyn is the least
Racist person in Westminster

A disconcerting and worrying state of affairs and a cheapening of a serious issue.

One of the key forces behind it all, The Campaign Against Anti-Semitism continues to include among its Honorary Patrons a number of people who have either benefited from racism, welcomed racists into their midst, who have manipulated racism for electoral advantage, or expressed forthright bigotry, has now become obsessive in its pursuit of Corbyn.

They have launched a petition against him - which has attracted and encouraged hordes of death threats against him. That is not debate. That is Incitement to Violence. Police are now investigating the comments, the petition - and The Campaign Against Anti-Semitism.

This is happening.
A lot.
Not only is any criticism of Israel now banned as AntiSemitism, but it seems some want those who attack Corbyn for political gain also to have such a carte blanche.

If you enter the political arena, you cannot be immune from response, criticism, fact-checking or counterpoint.

If your statements are questioned, you cannot simply yell 'AntiSemite' at your interlocutor as a defence.

I'd write further, but in the current climate of fear I wonder if almost anything I would post would be labelled as AntiSemitism. I have absolutely no doubt that I, as a life-long Anti-Nazi and Anti-Fascist, will be labelled as such after these comments.

Just as Israel now has an open license to do as it will, protected by it's cloak of faux outrage at any question of it's methods, the same it seems is applied now to anyone of the Jewish Faith who choose - choose - to leverage their faith for political gain.

Our stance on AntiSemitism is clear. It is a vile, cancerous thing, to be stamped out, everywhere, repeatedly, and without end. But not in this manner. We celebrated when AntiSemite Joshua Bonehill was jailed. We danced when AntiSemite Alison Chabloz was found Guilty.

Effectively, debate has been shut down by the tactic of casually throwing the label 'AntiSemite', without the slightest foundation, at anything that mentions Israel or Jews, in whatever context.

No nation - or person - should have freedom to act as it or they choose, without criticism.

Even Israel.

Yes, even Rabbi Sachs.