Editorial - Yes, Fascism Is Back

This by someone who prefers to refer to themselves as 'Concerned of Hertfordshire', nails it, and we post here in it's entirety with our own emphasis added.

I was concerned a few years ago that when those that remembered WWII, Fascism, and the effects it had on people had died the revisionists would start to reshape the story.

It's been happening for a few years, and one of the leaders was the PRESIDENT OF ISRAEL, ffs! Now this Israeli government has an agenda (another story entirely) and is using WWII as an excuse. We've already had "Holocaust Denial" almost before they'd finished clearing the concentration camps.

FASCISM is back, and it's happening! Islamophobia was just the beginning this time, whereas [Oswald] Mosley had "The Jews" and Enoch Powell had "Blacks" to be the scapegoat.

Those two occasions should have been a wake up call, but back then the BIG scare was "The Red Menace" and Communism which turned the USA into a paranoid over-militarised nation due to government propaganda (look it up: They defined Communism as a "Criminal enterprise"!!).

And yes, the USSR was funding groups which fought against western governments and supported other nations, whilst at the same time infiltrating some Unions and political parties, all of which caught up ANYONE with even the slightest socialist (small s) tendencies as a potential threat and led to the McCarthy era (look that one up: It's all over

Today the Soviet Union is gone, but Russia is still a threat to democracy by using money to influence politics, but THIS time the funding is going to RIGHT wing parties and groups rather than Left wing, and this has been openly embraced by those groups.

Now we have people marching around throwing Nazi salutes, accusations of anti-semitism against people that have NEVER been anti-semitic, often from people that are GENUINELY anti-semitic, assaults on Muslim women, and Europeans that have lived in the UK for years being told to "Fuck off back where you came from".

If you've made it this far (and I doubt most of you even bothered to read the first 2 lines if I'm honest) You may have gathered that I'm not happy with this situation!

People that say "But Fascists deserve to be heard!" have forgotten that Hitler was "Allowed to be heard", and when he got the chance the first thing he did was imprison/kill any opposition voices and deny them the free speech he claimed he was defending.

YOU are either ANTI-FASCIST (which SHOULD be your default position), or you are PRO-Fascist. There IS NO GREY AREA on this one!

Silence in the face of oppression is complicity! So to you bellends that say "Antifa and Nazis are as bad as each other!" I say FUCK OFF MY FRIEND LIST NOW! Anti-fascism would not need to exist if Fascists weren't such brutal racist scumbags in the first place!