Far Right Tory Party 'Entryism' Is A Real and Present Danger

It's all about the Hard Brexit'ers getting buffoon Boris Johnson to Number 10.
From The Guardian.

The Far Right plans to flood the Conservatives in order to elect Boris Johnson as leader are a threat to the party and to politics more widely.

In historical terms, the Conservatives have been Britain’s most successful political party. But on their own admission, however, the Conservatives now have only 124,000 members, less than a quarter of Labour’s figure. Both the Liberal Democrats and the Scottish Nationalists can nearly match the Tory number.
If the kind of influx of new members that occurred in the Labour party in the middle of this decade was to take place in the Tories, the character of the party could be transformed. Now former Ukip activists led by Arron Banks and Nigel Farage are seeking to do precisely that.

Some party insiders are sceptical. They say there is “no evidence that we have found of mass applications, let alone infiltration”.

The Conservative party should take this situation very seriously. If the Tory grassroots take control of the party for the far right, which is now what electing Mr Johnson would entail, the repercussions for the whole spectrum and texture of British politics would be immense.
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