Farage and the new Leave Means Leave - Gammon, Purified

Nigel Farage has claimed he's 'back in politics', from wherever he was, which was mainly nowhere. He's joined a new 'Leave Means Leave' effort to push for a all-out, ball-to-the-wall Hardest Brexit Possible.

Leave Means Leave,
The Who's Who
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The Group he's allying with is .... a bit strange, to say the least. Farage has pledged to help raise funds and make appearances for a re-launch of the Brexit Campaign, after what he and others call 'The Chequers Betrayal'.

Still, from Farage's point of view, exposure is exposure, cash is cash - and there will be lots to go around. It's actually quite amusing that after all his many lies and myths have been busted, he still thinks he has some kind of minor relevance.

This all comes as public opinion increasingly shifts toward a People's Vote - or even just 'Remain'.

Let's take a look at who's involved ...

There are 46 persons in the new 'LML', all told :
  • 44 men;
  • 2 women
  • and only 1 person of colour.
It's basically Elite Middle Aged Angry White Men.

It as if weird science chef Heston Blumenthal, asked to distill 'gammon' to it's purest form, had a weekend in the laboratory and came up with this. (HT to @StudleyBigAir)

Most importantly for Nigel, there should be a good few 'proper f*cking lunches' in it for him ...

UPDATE : One of only two females on the 'Leave Means Leave' List is
Suella Braverman.

Turns out her inclusion was - get this - an “administrative oversight which will be “rectified”. So the list is now white, 99% male, and 100% angry gammon.