Generation Identity - A Neo-Nazi? In a Far-Right party? Shocker ...

Generation Identity, the Paramilitary-Trained Far Right Group across Europe, has been growing in the UK for a little while. Although very small - probably about 20 to 40 'activists' - their activities have been mainly constrained to showing up a few demonstrations - and putting stickers on lampposts.

GI love sneaking out at night to put little stickers on lampposts. It's 'Fighting Multiculturalism', the 'brave warriors' claim.

Oh, and they love feeding the homeless - but only a handful, only white ones, only with pork (wouldn't want those muslims to eat, would they?) - and with the prime aim of taking lots of public relation pictures for Social Media.

Now, Tom Dupre, the key figure in 'GIUK', has quit after a GI leader Tore Rasmussen was exposed as a Neo-Nazi and a prominent figure in Norway’s neo-Nazi group Vigrid.

His sudden decision is despite us providing Dupre with similair information over two months ago.

Dupre claims 'he didn't know' ...
I essentially resigned after reading it. It was very extreme content ... I wasn’t [aware of his past]. I’m not willing to be associated with it in any way.
I find Nazism disgusting, I find that kind of violence horrendous as well and I’m just not going anywhere near that ... to some extent the success or failure of groups [like Generation Identity] rests on how well we can keep these people out. I thought we had but clearly not, and that’s why I left.
Nice try, Tom. We informed you in early June. Just before you blocked us on Social Media.

Dupre walked out of GI during a get-together in France where members underwent combat training, indoctrination, and self-defence classes using plastic knives and other weaponry. Previous events have included riot and ambush tactics.

GI first tried to spin the resignation as Dupre being 'kicked out over an internal disciplinary action', with members attacking him on Twitter, where the UK branch’s official account claimed he was already due to be “expelled” for violating its code of conduct.

Simon Murdoch, of Hope Not Hate, said ...
They’ve attempted to portray themselves as moderate, with no Nazi links, and that is a real blow to their image.

The question is whether the UK branch will survive at all – there are rumours in the UK far-right that GI’s branch is finished. Dupré was clearly most competent, articulate among them and best hope of a leader they had.
What they’ve got left is a group of rudderless individuals ... and a real dearth of quality activists in the UK.
Nothing to see here, just modern Fascists undergoing intense Paramilitary-style training.