Germany - Neo Nazi Mobs Riot in Chemnitz

Some of the supposed 'ordinary citizens' involved. Look like violent Neo Nazis to us.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has condemned violent anti-migrant protests in the state of Saxony, saying "hate in the streets" has no place in the country. The Neo Nazi riots were the worst seen in Germany in 26 years.

German police fired water cannons and used pepper spray in the city of Chemnitz on Monday night during a second day of protests, as 6,000 far-right demonstrators, chanting neo-Nazi slogans and giving Hitler salutes, clashed with some counter-protesters over the stabbing of a 35-year-old German man in a brawl.

Videos from the protests show demonstrators on Sunday chased people who looked possibly foreign.

The mob was openly supported by both German Far Right Party AfD and Neo Fascist Paramilitary Group Generation Identity.

The riots were kicked off by a bar fight which ended in a fatal stabbing in which two migrants were suspected. The arrest warrant, always kept within Police Circles only, was leaked to rightwing extremist circles and circulated online by Lutz Bachman, founder and leader of hate group Pegida. The leak may well have been deliberate.

Merkel said on Tuesday ...
What we have seen is something which has no place in a constitutional democracy, We have video recordings of people hunting down others, of unruly assemblies, and hate in the streets, and that has nothing to do with our constitutional state.