Germany - Non-Violent Socialist Equality Party Placed on 'Watch List'

When does a peaceful, legal, democratic Political Party become a threat ? Seemingly, when a Government decides so.

German Intelligence Services - the FIS, led by Minister Helge Braun - have placed the Socialist Equality Party (SGP) on a Watch List.

This is DESPITE those same Intelligence Services freely conceding that ...
  • They have not broken any laws;
  • They do not engage in violent activity;
  • They pursue their goals by democratic means such as participating in elections and lectures.
But according to the secret service, criticising capitalism, a view which millions of people share, is ...
an attack on our state and social order and thus liberal democracy.
This falls within a tradition of the suppression of socialist parties that has a long and disastrous history in Germany.

In 1878, German Chancellor Otto Von Bismarck enacted the infamous Anti-Socialist Law “against the homicidal aspirations of social democracy,” which forced the Social Democratic Party (SPD) into illegality for twelve years.

In 1933, Hitler first smashed the Communist Party and then the SPD to clear the way for Nazi dictatorship, the Second World War and the extermination of the Jews.
The SGP are a peaceful, legal, democratic non-violent Political Party
Now, in 2018, the coalition of the Christian Democrats and Social Democrats and its intelligence agency are preparing a third version of the Anti-Socialist Law. They are adopting the policy of the Neo-Nazi Alternative for Germany (AfD) - and threaten anyone who opposes this far-right party with illegality.

The decision to attack the SGP and support the AfD can only have been taken at the highest levels of the government.

Despite being fully democratic and peaceful, Germany's Intelligence Services have placed SGP on this Watch List because their peaceful political views differ from the mainstream.

We'd call it Creeping Fascism.