Hate Group Paid Republican Politician $10,000 to speak for 'Tommy Robinson'

Under the guise of 'Free Speech' Protection, Republican Politician Paul Gosar of Arizona took a pricey trip to London in July - all paid for by an Anti-Muslim group.

On July 14, when Anti-Muslim activists in London staged a rally in support of multiple jailbird Yaxley-Lennon, aka Tommy Robinson, Gosar attended and spoke for a few minutes, all paid for with cash from the 'Middle East Forum', according to a travel report that Gosar recently filed with the Clerk of the House.

MEF is a well funded Hate Group. Imraan Siddiqi, of the Arizona Chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations ...
The Middle East Forum is one of the longest-standing and most nefarious organizations in America when it comes to purveying anti-Muslim hate in America.

Many of these hate groups have been emboldened by the Trump administration and see this era as an opportunity to further marginalize Muslims in the West, through shifting public opinion and passing harmful policy.

The fact that Gosar took money to appear at this rally only highlights his deep complicity in propping up hate groups, as he cannot plead ignorance here.
House Committee Rules on Ethics state clearly that "any such activities must be done on personal time and at personal expense.”

MEF actually sponsored and organized the July 14 Rally, among others, in coordination with British and other European groups. They admitted they had
... provided all the funding and helped organize the first ‘Free Tommy Robinson’ event held June 9 in London.
Heidi Beirich at the Southern Poverty Law Center ... 
This incident is pretty extreme. It’s really awful … These are clearly Islamophobic people. Tommy Robinson has been agitating against Muslims for years. I think it’s outrageous for a member of Congress to endorse this kind of thing.

MEF has been providing financial assistance to Robinson in the form of legal aid, as well as 'bringing foreign pressure on the UK government to ensure Mr. Robinson’s safety and eventual release'.