Heros, Villains & Laughs For July 2018

Heros Of The Month

The 100s of 1000s who turned up to the Trump Protests in London and Scotland. Special mention for the Baby Blimp people, and the inimitable Janey Godley. (In contrast, 32 turned up for the Sadiq Kahn balloon a month later)

Honorable Mentions

The France World Cup Winning Team,who epitomise modern France. Not only is 80% of the team of migrant background, but 50% are muslims. They even had their shirts embroidered "Our differences unite us"

Also in Russia for the World Cup, these LGBT Activists. The LGBT flag in public can get you arrested, so these activists from Latin America resorted to wearing uniforms from their countries' football teams, turning themselves into the flag.

Villains Of The Month

Tory MP David Bannerman, who demanded those who pursue our democratic right to protest against Brexit to be charged with Treason. “It is about time we brought the Treason Act up to date and made it apply to those seeking to destroy or undermine the British state. That means those with extreme EU loyalty.” He also equated Supporting Remain with Jihadism.

Honorable Mentions

Right Wing commentator Melanie Phillips, who demanded an end to Democracy, with the sacking of Theresa May and instant elevation of Nigel Farage to peer, Tory Party Leader and PM.
Beate Zschäpe, German Neo-Nazi Leader and head of the Terrorist Group National Socialist Underground, sentenced to life for the murder of 10 people, two bombings and several attempted murders.
Brexit Minister Dominic Raab, who insulted all Scots by referring to Scotland as a 'region' of England. Like many Tories, geography not a strong point.

Laughs Of The Month 

Hard Brexit devotees David Davis and Boris Johnson both QUIT their Ministerial positions. Both were replaced by incompetents, Dominic Raab (see above) and NHS Destroyer, Jeremy Hunt.

Honorable Mentions

BBC News, for this perfect banner conjoining two stories perfectly. One. Brexit, and two, the Thailand cave Rescue.

Trump's visit to the UK, perfectly epitomised with this image. He ran from crowds, was late for (and walked in front of) The Queen, and then played golf. That was it.

France's Marine Le Pen, who had E2 Million of EU subsidies for her Party Group rescinded by a French Court after numerous Fraud charges. She predicted the Death of her new Party, National Rally, formerly Front National.

German TV, who (online) replaced images of Trump arriving in Europe and on tour, with images of the Baby Blimp. More examples here.