Heros, Villains & Laughs For June 2018

Heroes Of The Month

The masses who attended the huge People's Vote March in London. Launched in April, on this day it became a real movement for a Second Vote on Brexit, with 100's of 1000s of people coming from all across the nation for the biggest political gather in London in a decade.

Honorable Mentions

Razan al-Najjar, a Palestinian medic attending to an injured compatriot, wearing a fluorescent vest to denote her medical status. An unarmed noncombatant, she was shot and killed by an Israeli sniper.
Scot Rail, who burned Racist Tweeter with this awesome reply to a dumb question with huge hints of Islamophobia. Social Media done perfectly. The originator has since deleted his account.
The women of San Paolo, Rome who got together to confront local Fascist Group Casa Pound, and drove them off the streets. We've seen this before. Local citizens won't have these - or any other - thugs in their vicinity. [Video]

And another perfect Social Media burn from the University of Reading, responding to those who attacked their decision to award some scholarships to locally settle refugees. Their reply ? "Jog on". And then they followed it up with this.

Villains Of The Month

Milo aka Nero aka Milo Yiannopoulos who publicly called for violence against media and journalists.
I can't wait for vigilante squads to start gunning journalists down on sight
... he said. And 48 hours later, they did just that.

Milo has been suspended from Twitter for over two years, and since from many other platforms. His book was pulled from publication and now PayPal has suspended Milo for his anti-semitic actions towards a Jewish journalist - he sent her a donation of $14.88, a white supremacist reference.

Honorable Mentions

Tory Sir Christopher Chope, MP for Christchurch, Dorset, who blocked a Bill against 'upskirting'. He has previously fought bills to ban wild animals in circuses, against equal marriage, equal pay, minimum wage and Alan Turing's pardon. His office was later decorated with panties by unknown Commons staff in protest.

Ukip's David Parnham, arrested & charged with a vile 'Punish A Muslim' Campaign. He faces 14 charges including a Bomb Hoax. Parnham countersigned local Ukip Election papers. This is after Ukip's Raheem Kassam stated that it was "all a Left Wing / Muslim Hoax". The Far Right called it 'an obvious fake'.

Lord Alan Sugar, who posted a rather vile and racist tweet during the World Cup, then defended it - numerous times, doubling down and down, before finally conceding and deleting. Sugar has a long, long history of this.

David Batty and Michael Burns, the Neo Nazi Thugs from Doncaster who shamed us with Nazi songs and 'Seig Heils' in a Volgograd bar during the World Cup.

Laughs Of The Month 

Anne Marie-Waters, self-elected 'leader' of Ukip split-off (one of so many) party For Britain, who despite portraying herself as the 'Saviour of Our Nation' (it's not her nation, she's Irish) .. crashed at burned at Lewisham, with a miniscule 266 votes, representing just 1.6% of the vote.

It got worse. Ukip only managed 380 votes, being soundly beaten by both the Green and the Women's Equality Party. Both Ukip and For Britain lost their deposits. Sean Finch, of the even newer 'Libertarian's, was beaten by the Monster Raving Loony Party. The seat was comfortably won by Labour.

Honorable Mentions

German AfD Politician Alexander Gauland, forced to walk partially-naked through the streets, with a police officer after his clothes were stolen while swimming. The thief shouted 'This is no swimming area for Nazis'. Gauland has referred to the Holocaust as 'a speck of birds**t in 1,000 years of glorious German history'.

Tory repeat idiot MP Penny Mordaunt, who celebrated the £35 Billion Contract to build new frigates as a 'Win for Brexit and British Jobs'. It was quickly pointed out that the 4000 jobs were to be created in Australia - where the ships are to be built.
Danny Dyer, who gave his views on Brexit in a typically Dyer style. The EastEnders actor captured the mood of the nation : "What’s happened to that twat Cameron who brought it on ? Where is he? He’s in Europe, in Nice with his trotters up. Where is the geezer?"