Italy - Mario Balotelli HITS OUT at Racists

Italian football star Mario Balotelli has urged Interior Minister, and fascist, Matteo Salvini to counter his racist supporters.

MB has highlighted some racist statements spotted just by scrolling through and brought it back to the controversy when SuperMario was mooted for the captain’s armband ...
The excuse that I am not a polite or respectful person dies here.

This is the real reason why many would hate to see a black Italy captain for the Nazionale. I cannot believe some people have these thoughts in their minds.

This cannot be the country that I always hoped and even prayed to play for and represent since I was a child. There cannot be people like this.

The real problems are the extreme thoughts of some people. If I were him (Salvini), I’d do something, because these are people who ruin the credibility of an entire country.

I am not trying to cause controversy here. I care about Italy just as much as you do.
Salvini has fought hard against the proposed new law making the children of immigrants, or indeed anyone born on Italian soil, an Italian citizen.

Under current rules, only ‘blood’ provides the right to an Italian passport automatically.

Balotelli was born in Italy to Ghanaian parents and fostered by an Italian family in Brescia since the age of two, he was not allowed an Italian passport or the opportunity to play for Italy until he turned 18.

This follows on from the highlighting of systematic Racism in football, notably by France at the last World Cup.