Javid 'Apologises' to Windrush Deportees ... Some Of Them

Eighteen members of the Windrush Generation who could have been wrongfully removed or detained are to get a formal apology.

Home Secretary Sajid Javid said a review of 11,800 cases had identified the 18 as those "most likely to have suffered detriment".

However, on figures released the same day, the Home Office says 164 may have been wrongly told to leave. That's an estimate (so far) and very likely to be on the low side.

Javid has refused to deny that officials were paid bonuses for the removal of illegal immigrants. when asked by Labour MP Catherine West, Javid attempted to skirt the issue by saying that "ministers are not involved in bonuses" which is neither a yes nor a no. So that's a 'yes' then.

As David Schneider posted on Social Media, Javid's apology is basically ...
It’s totally unacceptable what happened to the Windrush generation. Which is why I’ve only apologised to 18 of them and the other 146 can go screw themselves.