London Football Club 'No Pasaran' Shirt A Hit In Spain

Clapton Community FC, a London non-league club has launched a new shirt which salutes the International Brigades who fought in the Spanish Civil War, and Spain has gone a bit mad over it. In a really good way.

Clapton normally sell about 250 shirts, and already this season they've sold 5,400 - mostly in Spain by mail order. The kit was announced in June - but the club had no clue what a success it would be.

The red, purple and yellow shirt was worn for the first time last Saturday, and the colour scheme honours the International Brigades who fought in the civil war. The back of the shirt features the slogan “No Pasarán” - They Shall Not Pass - which was used by Anti-Fascist fighters in the 1930s.

The creator of the fan-chosen design said...
I really wanted to make something that marked the importance of the sacrifice of those who fought against fascism.

We have always been known as fans who do not accept racism, sexism and homophobia, so it made total sense. We didn’t expect our tiny club to be noticed by Spanish football fans but we’re delighted nonetheless.
The club said they would use some of the money to help with running costs, but were earmarking funds to be donated to the International Brigade Memorial Trust, which helps to preserve the memory of those who travelled to Spain to fight in the war, including this writer's grandfather.

As a bonus, the kit is manufactured by the Italian firm Rage Sports, chosen by the club because it is a small, ethical manufacturer that sources its materials from companies that agree to pay workers fairly. Rage Sports produces kits for grassroots football clubs that are specifically involved in fighting racism, fascism and inequality.

Maurizio Affuso, who works for Rage is quoted on the club’s website ...
Rage Sport will always be there for the Clapton fans because like them we believe in a new way of doing football and because we strongly believe some battles can be fought both on and off the pitch.