More Than One Million Labour Leave Voters Have Abandoned Brexit

Former Labour PM Gordon Brown has said more than one million Labour supporters who voted for Brexit have now changed their mind, as pressure grows on Jeremy Corbyn to back a second EU referendum, and that the country was “losing hope” and had been “immobilised by divisions”.
Remain voters are despondent, fearing that we have moved from a soft Brexit to a hard Brexit to a no-deal Brexit.
But leave voters believe that none of the Brexit options - a Norway-style deal, a Swiss-style deal or the Canadian option - can deliver what they were promised and now feel betrayed.
Our country is often accused of being stuck in the past. The problem this time is that we are stuck in the present – and, as each day passes, becoming less and less optimistic about the future.
Former PM Gordon Brown
Much derided in the UK but
internationally regarded
Brown is much derided in the UK, but internationally is seen as the PM who steered the UK out of the 2008 Global Financial Crisis with less damage than other European nations. Some even say his policies and suggestions saved the world.

Labour’s internal arguments over Brexit are set to come to a head at its annual conference in September. Corbyn is facing a move by pro-EU members to hold a vote committing the party to holding referendum on Theresa May’s final Brexit deal.

A recent YouGov poll of 10,000 people for the People’s Vote Campaign showed 63 percent of Labour voters now backed a referendum compared to 18 percent who were opposed.

BMG Research for Left Foot Forward suggested today 41% of the public would blame May for a no deal exit from the EU.