Nigel Farage, Yesterday's Man, Official

A minor story perhaps, but an interesting one. Last year the EU removed Ukip's Nigel Farage from the '100 Most Influential MEPs' list, mainly due to his serial inactivity at his actual job as an MEP. They described him as ...
Yesterday's man, and no longer really much relevant.
Today Farage's embarrassment continued, as does his slide from public attention, as a portrait of him failed to attract a single bid at auction. Not one. Zilch. Nada.

The full artwork
in all its 'glory'
You'd think he'd bid for it himself, at least, or get one of his very rich (he claims) backers to buy it, if only to save the shame. But no.

The painting was 'priced' at £25,000 and in another delightful touch, a similarly priced portrait of Jacob Rees-Mug did sell - for a paltry £450.

The artist David Griffiths said he was not too disappointed the portrait had not sold.
It would certainly be gratifying if Nigel’s portrait were to find a good home.
The local skip, we assume.

We image a scene at the next 'Antiques Roadshow' ...
  • Expert : "It's worth precisely nothing".
  • Punter : "As much as that ?"