Rampant Islamophobia in Tories, Officially Condoned By Their Inactivity

Yet another incident to add to the long, long list of vile comments from Tories on Muslims and Islam.

Lewes Tory Party chairwoman and president Carola Godman Irvine has been suspended ... but 'stands by her comments'.

While they point fingers at Labour for AntiSemitism, which at least is actually being investigated and dealt with, the Tories are pushing and accelerating a campaign of racist speech far beyond anything seen from anyone wearing a red rosette.

It comes two months after the Windrush Scandal, where actual British Citizens of ethnic backgrounds were targeted for deportation.

It comes just a few weeks after Boris Johnson. Michael Gove and other Tories met with White Supremacist Steve Bannon to discuss further the Right Wing cause in Europe..

It comes a month after Baroness Warsi, a senior Tory Party figure, began demanding a Full Investigation into the scale of the racism within the party.

It comes just days after Boris Johnson's comments, which have attracted some criticism from his own party but, of course, masterly inaction. Johnson has refused to apologise.

Action taken by Party Chairman Brandon Lewis : None.
  • Action taken by Party Deputy Chairman James Cleverly : None.

Quite the reverse - Tory MPs like Andrew Bridgen are now defending Boris Johnson's remarks, and others like it, by using the old 'It's not Racism if its just Muslims' line, created and propagated by the likes of Britain First and English Defence League, and long-since busted by lawyers and academics.

A summary of just some of the recent activity within the Islamophobic Tories ...