Sweden - 'Nordic Resistance' Neo Nazi Arrested for Journalist Murder Plot

A member of the Swedish Neo-Nazi Group, Nordic Resistance Movement, has been arrested on suspicion of planning the murder of two journalists who work for one of Sweden’s largest media groups.

Police arrested the suspect - as yet unnamed - over the weekend. During a search of the suspect’s computer, police found photos of the reporters’ homes and detailed information about the pair. Authorities also found a homemade shotgun, ammunition, and silencers.

Recruiting Poster
for NRM, lifted
from 1930s Germany
The Nordic Resistance Movement is a far-right group that has been active in Scandinavia since 1997, formed as an offshoot of previous neo-Nazi movements in the region.

Several of it's members were jailed for Terrorism after an extended bombing campaign in 2016 aimed at refugees and migrants. And their influence has been on the rise : 2017 set a new record for the highest number of documented incidents of neo-Nazi activity in the country, with over 3,600 reported incidents.

Just last week, a Scandinavian senior member of the Paramilitary-Trained Generation Identity group - Tore Rasmussen - was revealed to have connections to neo-Nazi groups.

In response, several prominent members resigned, including the UK Leader, Tom Dupre.

NRM continues to have close links to various Generation Identity national groups, including in the UK.

'Nordic Resistance MOvement - Old School Street Nazis