The Dark Past of the Sadiq Khan Balloon's Yanny Bruere

Anyone who appears on InfoWars instantly loses all credibility and integrity

Yanny Bruere launched a campaign to fly a Sadiq Khan blimp over London, in response to the Trump Baby Blimp which made headlines worldwide. He raised £50,000 in a week, and the campaign quickly gained popularity.

Meanwhile, his past, his present, and his agenda, are all coming to light, driven by excellent investigate work by BellingCat.

The Blimp is due to fly during a “Make London Safe Again” demonstration on September 1st - tomorrow - where those in attendance will blame the London Mayor for a Nationwide Rise in Crime due to Conservative policies and cutbacks. Yeah, go figure that one out.

Let's see who promoted the Crowdfunder ...  

Gee .. is anyone starting to see a pattern here ?

He claims to be studying an online Law degree at Open University and was recently residing in Spain - thanks to that EU's Freedom of Movement that he hates. His current Twitter doesn’t show any sign of wrongful activity and his reputation seems clean ... on there.

Bruere, just another
Right Wing Chancer
However not so clean on his old twitter accounts @yanny1112 and @allequal117, both verified as him beyond doubt : full of AntiSemitism, Islamophobia, Rar Right Conspiracy Theories - and such comments as “ISIS was created by Israel and the United States” and that “Jews run the world.”

And when Bruere was contacted about his old accounts ... they were deleted within minutes. (Full scrape downloads had already been made, of course, in full anticipation of his reaction)

Bruere's claim to be a 'Citizen concerned about rising crime levels' has been busted as just another Right Wing Anti-Muslim Bandwagon jumper, making a spot of cash.

Like most Far Right Fundraisers, it's become a lucrative affair for Yanny. After initially asking for £10,000 (more than enough to fly the blimp) he raised it to £50,000 and then £75,000 - for no apparent reason. And he'll probably get it.

Interestingly, such events need permission from NATS - the National Air Traffic Services to fly over 30 metres The Trump Baby Blimp obtained it, but NATS have confirmed they haven’t received any application regarding the Khan protest.

If it flies too high illegally, we look forward to it being brought to earth.

And alas poor Yanny, will be having his dodgy finances come under very close scrutity.