Twitter, Finally Some Action On 'ReBorn' Banned Accounts

If you noticed your Twitter followers drop a little in the last few days, fear not. It's actually a good thing.

It's likely these were opponents and trolls - and Twitter has banned another wave of abusive users ...

The platform is enforcing previous bans for abusive behaviour, by re-banning new accounts, focusing specifically on users who have returned to Twitter under aliases after being suspended.

Twitter also said that an ongoing program from July, locking accounts with erratic behaviour patterns where the company can’t confirm the original owner is still in control, could result in follower counts dropping.

Evidence suggests the ban affects a wide variety of users including hard-left and hard-right activists, some liberals and conservatives, and a range of generic abusive trolls.

We, of course, are still banned from Twitter - for calling a Racist, "a Racist". Go figure.

Although of course, one person still posts regularly while breaking all of Twitter's Terms and Conditions ...