Ukip Elect New 'Leader' In Wales - Gareth Bennett

Ukip's Gareth Bennett has been elected (we use that term loosely with Ukip's history) Leader of Ukip in the Wales Senedd.

Let's take a little look at him, shall we ?

He studied Sociology but couldn't complete the course, so tried journalism instead. Failed at that, too.

After that he seemed to have trouble holding down a career, having various jobs as call centre operative, English teacher, painter and decorator, barman and labourer.

During his Campaign, he blamed all litter on immigrants. After the media storm that followed, he refused to campaign any further, despite it being a condition within Ukip of running for any office. As a Candidate, he antagonised other Ukip figures so much that 16 fought to have him removed as a Candidate. Nigel Farage disowned him, publicly.

Despite this, Ukip's NEC selected him, and two officials resigned when he was selected including Alexandra Phillips, PA to Nigel Farage, whom Bennett alleged was 'plotting to get rid of him' and fellow candidate Llyr Powell.

Formerly he backed Neil Hamilton as Party Leader. Yes, that Neil Hamilton, the proven fraudster, liar and cash-for-questions Tory.

He was banned from Senedd for his Homophobia and comments about Transgenderism. Initially refusing to apologise, he finally - grudginly, and only partially, did so.

Bennett claimed £9,972 in expenses to set up an office in Pontypridd - which never actually opened.

His main policies ? He has just two ...

  • To abolish the Wales Senedd of which he is member and de-devolve control back to London;
  • To cease spending money on supporting the Welsh language.

Ironically for Ukip nationwide, Bennett calls for a Second Referendum on The Wales Senedd as - and this is delightful - he claims that in first Referendum, no-one knew what they were voting for ...

Bennett is clearly perfect for Ukip - a Bigoted Fraudster.

Ukip in Wales - while it lasts, with its 941 members - should get very interesting.