Ukip-led Far Right Thugs Invade London Left-Wing BookStore

'Make Britain Great Again' - a relatively new Far Right Splinter Group - led by #Ukip's Luke Nash Jones, invaded and trashed a London Bookshop.

How very Berlin 1933.

They've since deleted this video off their channel - not fast enough.

From the owners, @Bookmarks_books ...
About 6:45 this evening Bookmarks Bookshop was attacked by about a dozen masked wearing fascists. They threatened staff and attempted to destroy books and other materials.   Fortunately no staff were hurt. This is the true face of fascism. No Paseran!
And a comment on the incident from journalist @PennyRed ...
This is what fascism looks like. Bookmarks is a wonderful shop- I did one of my first ever readings there. When they start smashing up bookshops in broad daylight all their claims to be free speech defenders fall hollow.
We wonder if Luke Nash Jones next event is going to start burning books?

What 'a brave patriot', attacking London librarians and shop staff.

Apparent LNJ supports 'Free Speech' ... but not when it's written down in books with long words.

Berlin, 1933, and one of many piles of books burned as being 'Anti-German'

Update : Since the incident all those involved have been identified in a group effort, summarised here by Hope Not Hate.