Armed Trump Supporters Trash Cars, Throw Explosives

20 were arrested on Sunday in Berkeley, California, as a small bunch of Far Right protesters clashed with 100s of counter-protesters.

The arrests were predominately for carrying weapons. Explosives were thrown but no charges have come of those incidents as yet.

The thugs smashed 21 city vehicles and slashed the tires of cars owned by the city. One car and three dumpsters were also set on fire. Three members of the public were treated for minor injuries.

Berkeley Police said in a statement ...
Even though there were many hundreds of people, many of whom came armed and hostile, there were no significant injuries to anyone in the public or to City staff.
The lack of injuries is fortunate given that extremists threw explosives at Berkeley Police and Alameda County Sheriff’s Office mutual aid officers.
Various small Far Right groups, many dressed in Army gear and with Trump’s 'MAGA' caps, gathered for the “No To Marxism in Berkeley” demonstration, only to be vastly outnumbered by local counter-protestors and a variety of AntiFa groups.

In addition, in a strange echo of a similair incident which just occured in London, left-wing bookstore Revolution Books' stall was vandalized by the protesters who ripped down a display ...
Police and fascists attacked our guerilla revolution books without walls booth. We’re still here. Let’s make Berkeley Berkeley again. Fascist get out of Berkeley and off the planet! #YesToMarxism #YesToTheNewCommunism #NoToFascism #NoToCapitalism #NoToImperialism Revolution Books

- @RevolutionBksB August 5, 2018

The counter-protesters chanted ...
Charlottesville never again !
and ...
Nazi scum, we’ll shut you down, Berkeley is an immigrant town !
The Berkeley rally came the day after a self-described libertarian group clashed with antifa counter-protesters in Portland, Oregon. They failed there, too.