USA - InfoWars Plays The Martyr, By Hacking It's Own Site

So the Hard-Right Conspiracy Theorist site InfoWars, recently banned by YouTube, Apple Store, Spotify and Facebook, went down.

Employees began frantically tweeting that the website was under 'cyber attack'. Infowars 'Editor-At-Large' and Chief Moonhowler Paul Joseph Watson posted ... is down again. We have been under cyber attack for over a week since Big Tech launched its purge.
Watson later blamed China and the Democrats, before deleting.

Alex Jones himself made his standard tin-foil post ...
They have been trying to hack and DDOS attack and sabotage our servers and have people within major companies bring us down since the head of the Chinese slave factory censorship combine – the head of Apple, Mr. [Tim] Cook, Mr. [Mark] Zuckerberg and the heads of Google and Alphabet–decided to un-person us last Sunday night.
The obvious code segment
This naturally cued a whole host of replies about it being a 'false flag' event - and as it turns out ... it was indeed a scam.


Their claim was based initially on a video which had been blocked ... before Luke Collins on Twitter pointed out after a glance at the code ... that they had actually intentionally disabled it themselves.
Note to Seriously you make a shit site to say your being censored and that the leftist are out to get you at every corner Yet don't expect someone to look at the HTML, CSS and JavaScript to see you've intentionally disabled the video... Why? - Luke Collins
Luke went on to create a technical thread here for those who wish to delve into the coding.

It's notable, of course, that the InfoWars Shop - where they sell dodgy 'diet supplements of no discernable benefit' continued in full operation - as did their 'donate button', both of which would have gone down had they actually 'come under attack'.

Alex Jones is a very angry man. And when he has no-one to be angry about, he fakes his outrage with hoaxes like this.