USA Police Deputy SACKED after her White Supremacist support Goes Public

A US County Sheriff’s Office has fired a deputy photographed wearing - and who sells - apparel affiliated with the Proud Boys, the White Supremacist Far-Right group.

The Washington State office placed Deputy Erin Willey on leave for an 'internal investigation' in response to local newspaper The Columbian’s reporting, after the office was shown a photograph of Willey wearing a sweatshirt emblazoned with a Proud Boys logo.

The photograph, shared by an anonymous source, shows Willey wearing a hooded sweatshirt with a logo showing a switchblade, lipstick and an abbreviation for Proud Boys’ Girls, which appears to be for sale on the online storefront Redbubble, an Australia-based online marketplace.

In a statement, Clark County Sheriff Chuck Atkins said ...
Law enforcement officers are peacekeepers whose core mission is to protect and safeguard the community.

My expectation is that my employees do not engage in activities or associations that undermine or diminish our role as peacekeepers.