USA - Pro-Trump Christian Evangelist Calls for Prayers for Death of Judges

Evangelical Christian Dutch Sheets, who recently gathered 1,300 followers of his 'Ministry' at a Trump Hotel in Washington earlier this year, has called for his followers to pray for “angel armies” to destroy Trump’s “deep state” enemies and "clear vacancies" for Trump to fill on the Supreme Court, and wants people to thank God for the shift now taking place on the Supreme Court.

"Clear vacancies". You read that right.

A supposed Christian wants Supreme Court Judges who don't support Donald Trump to die, so the President can fill those posts with his chosen picks.

In USA of course, Supreme Court Judges have tenure for life.

Sheet claims of course that Trump's Presidential win was 'God's mercy' and that God alone saved America from Hilary Clinton.

Sheet and his allies anti-abortion Lou Engle and 'sent by God' Cindy Jacobs have been leading prayers for this shift on the Supreme Court.

Ever since Trump’s election, Engle has been urging God to "get rid of pro-choice Supreme Court justices" saying that there’s precedent in the way that God knocked off a series of Soviet leaders to enable Mikhail Gorbachev’s rise to power.

Cindy Jacobs, on the other hand, is a real honest-to-God (pun intended) fruitcake.

She claims she can prevent terrorist attacks, cure insanity, heal broken bones and tumors, stop coups, capture world leaders, cause floods and even bring people back from the dead.

Engle - Calls for Pro-Abortion Judges to die.
Jacobs - Claims she can stop Terror Attacks.