Wales - Neo Nazi Arsonist Jailed for 6 Years

Austin Ross has been jailed after a campaign of arson and vandalism lasting over a month.

The Tommy Robinson fan scrawled swastikas, '1488' and 'Hitler was right' before setting fire to a School and a Community Hall. He is linked to the neo-Nazi System Resistance Network, which itself is linked to, and run by former members of, banned terrorist group National Action, of whom members earlier this year were jailed for a murder plot against a Labour MP.

The incidents all occurred in May this year, causing £58,000 of damage, but Ross was quickly identified and arrested.

Judge Jeremy Jenkins told Ross...
Your actions were not born out of some mental disorder, but out of sheer hatred and malice, based on a perverse view of race and religion different to your own.

People like you have no idea what living under a tyrannical regime is really like.