A New Far Right Alliance ? A First Look at The 'TPR' Party

A new UK Far-Right Alliance Group is to be announced tomorrow which claims to be the 'umbrella' for all Far Right in UK who demand Brexit. They're on Twitter as @TPRParty, having purchased 900 followers 10 days ago to kickstart.

They claim to be ...
(Their capitals, not ours)

They do not list what 'Parties' make up their 'Coalition'. So far the only 'Parties' we see are 'British Fight', 'Aslans Army' and 'QAnon' ... which are all more Facebook Conspiracy Nuts than Political Parties.

No idea of their funding but it smells a bit like TPA or IEA. They appear to be 'led' (no elections, we note) by Thomas Parsons and Kirk Stone. There is nobody in their 'team' you've heard of, but we have. Their Party Co-ordinator, Andy Smith, for a start, is ex National Front, ex BNP.

Looks like their agenda is set, then, as it already looks 50% Blame Muslims For Everything and 50% Proud Hard Brexit Cult.

'TPR Party' claim to be already bigger than For Britain Party and claim they'll overhaul Ukip 'within a matter of weeks'.
Ukip will be exposed, AMD [Waters, of For Britain] will be given a choice. We will grow in power far quicker than them both combined.
Their 'direct people's democracy' doesn't of course extend to their 'members' choosing who leads them - their Lead Team are all self-appointed. Dangerous ? Or just Moonhowling ? We have yet to decide. Needless to say, we shall monitor closely.

More worryingly, they claim to have the Armed Forces behind them and that their aim is to 'tear down the establishment'. Sounds like Anarcho-Terrorists to us.

Like the Football Thugs Alliance, who showed initial promise of moderation before a sharp Right Turn, we shall reserve judgment on @TPRParty for a while until we hear clearer what they - and their followers - say.

These 'Patriots' first act was to apologise already for the delay over their new website ... as it's hosted in California. 2,400 (and rising) long-established Hosting Suppliers in the UK they could have chosen from ...

What 'Patriots' already.