Svengali Steve Bannon in Australia with Unchallenged Propaganda

Ex-Trump Adviser Steve Bannon, sometime political Svengali to a variety of far right-movements in Europe, is trying Australia next.

His controversial interview with respected Australia Broadcasting Reporter Sarah Ferguson fell flat in providing factual context for his propaganda, as the interviewer allowed Bannon to spout his views without a hint of challenge.

The issue here is not about Free Speech as he was given a nationwide platform in Australia.

It's about allowing unquestioned propaganda to be broadcast unchecked. This wasn't journalist, it was a Bannon Political Broadcast to the nation.

Media Critic Jennifer Wilson for Independent Australia ...
Ferguson's interview provided minimal context and lacked rigour, reducing the experience to little more than an opportunity for Bannon to peddle his tired ideology, relatively unchallenged. Although we had been urged to open our minds to the ‘different ideas’ proffered by Bannon, nothing new emerged.