Germany - Politicians Finally Grasp Scale of the Far Right Danger

After the Nazi Riots in Chemnitz, spirits were lifted this week by a glorious 'Fight The Right' Concert where 70,000 turned up on a Monday night at short notice.

Even better is that German Politicians are waking up, finally. As is the population.

Both Markus Soder and Michael Kretschmer, senior officials in the CDU Party, have come out with very strong statements today.

Polls shows most Germans even favour surveillance action against the Far Right AfD party over their numerous, documented Neo-Nazi links. A reminder - AfD are actually elected to the German Parliament, despite their known links.

The riots attracted a mix of Right Wing, Far Right, Neo Nazis and AfD supporters, all together in common cause, and were kicked off by German Police leaking - directly to Right Wing groups - the names of suspects in a murder case. The effect in the town has been shame that their name was linked to such events.

Importantly, Chemnitz is in what was the former East Germany, now a hotbed of Neo Nazi activity.

East Germans, of course, were used to being indoctrinated for decades and are susceptible to it, even used to it.

With this week's conviction of yet another Nazi Terrorist, politicians waking up to the threat is well overdue, but welcome nonetheless.