Germany - Far Right Terrorist Gets 10 Years for Dresden Mosque Bombing

A German court on Friday sentenced a right-wing extremist to a nine year and eight month prison sentence for bombing a mosque in Dresden nearly two years ago.

Later that evening, he detonated another bomb on the roof of the Dresden Congress Center.

The September 26, 2016 bombing at the Turkish Fatih Mosque was among over 120 devices of various kinds that year aimed at migrants, muslims and refugees, as logged by BundesPolizei and EuroPol.

Nino Koehler was convicted of attempted murder, producing an explosive device and attempted arson, among other charges. The Pegida supporter expressed regret for his actions.

Thankfully although the imam and his family were within the mosque at the time of the blast. no-one was hurt.

The 31-year-old pleaded guilty to all charges.

File under "Things you didn't read online, in Social Media or in the British Press."

The mosque was severely damaged in the bomb attack.