Heros, Villains & Laughs For August 2018

Heros Of The Month

YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, and the Apple Store (and iTunes) who all kicked moon-howling Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones and his Hate Project, InfoWars, off their platforms. In September Twitter would finally follow.

Ironically, they all correctly used the force of their Terms and Conditions, which InfoWars blissfully were unaware of mirrored those created by Alex Jones for his own site.

Honorable Mentions 

Italian Footballer Mario Balotelli, who despite captaining his own nation, receives tsunamis of racist abuse and finally spoke out about it.

American Football Players of the NFL, who continued their kneeling protests despite numerous threats from Donald Trump, the NFL League, team owners, and fans.

Time Magazine, who continued their linked series of Trump covers with this beauty. The series of three - so far - is likely to continue.

Veteran American journalist Dan Rather, for his no-holds-barred comment on Trump, particularly cutting as it comes from such a respected source. A close second was this mic-drop from actor David Tennant.

Villains Of The Month

Boris bloody Johnson, for his blatant dog-whistle Islamophobic comments about women wearing burkas, which led to the revealing of Johnson's Facebook Page being packed full of Faith Hatred, and to a spike in Islamophobic Hate Crime.

Honorable Mentions

Proud Ukip Terrorist Jonathan Jennings who got 16 months jail for numerous Malicious Communications Act breaches and Inciting Racial Hatred. Even more charges to come, under the Terrorism Act. Jennings was famously one of the many VIP Plants in the BBC Question Time audience.

The Trump / MGBA / Ukip thugs who invaded and trashed a London Bookshop. They filmed the 'invasion' but deleted the video - not before we got hold of it. All thugs were identified and the Ukip members involved were kicked out of the party. They tried again a week later, failed again.

The Right Wing Media - Mail, Express, Sun, Telegraph, who were canned by IPSO, the Press Regulator, who produced their Annual Report detailing who lies the most. They all had three things in common - Right Wing, Brexit supporting, and owned by Tax Dodgers.

Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen, the latest in a long line of Trump loyalists, who were found Guilty and pleaded Guilty, respectfully, to numerous serious charges, opening up a whole new area of the RussiaGate Investigation. Cohen is singing, Manafort is trying to.

Laughs Of The Month

Neo Nazi Jason Kessler, the infamous organiser of the Unite The Right Rally in Charlottesville where Heather Heyer was murdered, who underlined our notion of little nazis in their parent bedrooms by being yelled at live on air by his dad.

Honorable Mentions (so many this month!)

Freda Jackson, the xenophobic Blackburn woman who claimed that their were 'too many Spaniards' on her holiday in Benidorm. This really happened.

Ukip owner Arron Banks, who proudly claimed he'd just joined the Tories (along with mini-me expat sidekick Andy Wigmore) only to be told by Tories officials "No, you haven't". He tried again though the Leicestershire Conservative Association back door and failed again.

Jayda Fransen, former co-leader of failing Britain First, who shortly after getting out of jail for her Hate Crimes, was kicked out of the party for fraud, dishonesty and disloyalty,

The Daily Mail, who after spending years ranting about 'Controlling Our Borders' with Brexit, went apoplectic when it was revealed that the EU would control their borders by charging UK travellers for a visa. it's like they never saw it coming.

The old frog-faced Nigel Farage, who was gutted when his portrait by artist David Griffiths, valued at £25,000, remained unsold with zero bids. resulting in much mockery, especially from the EU's Guy Gerhofstadt. Jacob Rees-Smug did only slightly better, with his £25,000 portrait selling ... for £450.

William Walker on Twitter, who ran a poll on 'Who speaks the most sense on Brexit" with a list of top politicians, and Gary Lineker .. who ran away with a resounding win.