Hungary - Tories Fully Behind Putin Ally and Euro-Fascist Viktor Orban

In Hungary, wannabe dictator Viktor Orban is simultaneously supporting - and being supported - by Russia and Putin.
  • He finally last month closed down the last non-Government Media Outlet .. not much 'Free Speech' in Hungary. The opposition is silenced;
  • He has undermined judicial freedom by only appointing judges of his political views;
  • He has waged an AntiSemitic State Campaign against businessman George Soros;
  • He is facing numerous allegations of corruption relating to the misspending EU funds by his friends and family;
  • His Government is deeply Islamophobic.
Whilst happily accepting EU funds to rebuild his economy, he breaks every EU rule he can, and finally the EU has had enough - and is planning censure and sanction motions against his country. The vote was triggered after the European Parliament’s Home Affairs Committee voted by 37 to 19 in favour of a report backing the censure motion.

So who's on the side of the Far Right Dictator? Why, our Tories, of course.

Tory sources in Strasbourg have confirmed that their MEPs would be voting against a motion to trigger Article 7 procedure to censure Hungary over alleged violations of the rule of law.

Labour branded the decision “disgraceful”, arguing that Orban’s ...
... record on political freedom, equality and human rights, Islamophobia and antisemitism, shames Europe.
Labour MEP Leader Richard Corbett stated ...
It is absolutely disgraceful that the Conservatives would even consider propping up Viktor Orban’s Fidesz government.
No-one should be surprised that the Tories are putting their full weight behind a Euro-Fascist.

Update :

In the end, after the vote, it was noted that the Tories were the only governing conservative party in western Europe to vote en masse in support of Viktor Orban’s far-right government.

The European Parliament voted by a two-thirds majority, 448–197.

And meanwhile, Austrian Far Right fanatics are calling for a new Austro-Hungarian Alliance.

Because it worked so well the last time.