Is Far Right 'Rebel TV' Boss In Trouble (Again) ?

Ezra Levant, owner of Canadian Far Right Media 'Outlet' (well ... YouTube Channel) Rebel TV may have legal woes after today's actions at the postponed rehearing for Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, as reported by Zelo Street today.

Levant, more ignorant of English Law than most, attempted to teach many of the court legalities on Social Media, merely exposing his own ineptness.

He claimed, falsely, that ...
The media are ALREADY LYING. They are saying a (sic) Tommy has requested the delay ordered today. That is exactly WHAT DID NOT HAPPEN. The judge has delayed it.
So, to clarify. As one who in the gallery today, along with media credentials, I can confirm that 'Tommy' did not request a delay - but his legal counsel did.

And the judge did delay the proceedings - on request from 'Tommy's legal counsel.

This was noted by myself during proceedings - and confirmed afterwards with other journalists who were there, during a convivial post-event coffee.

I can also confirm that Levant was not actually in the courtroom. As Levant has a rather recognisable and memorable face, I took the time to look for him, and I found him not. Only accredited media were allowed in, and he is not thusly equipped.

As for his legal woes, he filmed from inside the court building (not the courtroom) and posted the results. Even though no specific restrictions were placed on proceedings today, standard court law still applies - and that includes no filming.

BBC's Dominic Cascani posted ...
Detectives are investigating whether a key supporter [Levant] of Tommy Robinson broke the law by filming the anti-Islam campaigner inside the Old Bailey.
And soon afterwards came City of London Police with ...
We have been made aware of a video on social media which appears to show filming taking place inside the Central Criminal Court, and has been shared online. We will be looking into whether any offences have been committed.
We await developments with glee.