QAnon Fan Arrested for Threatening Massacre at YouTube HQ

William Douglas - a huge Trump fan - claimed he was "being censored", so like another paranoid vlogger he allegedly warned the company to stop - or else.

He broadcast views pushing extreme conspiracy theories like QAnon, PizzagateFlat Eartherism, New World Order, Reptilians, Satanic Child Sex-Trafficking, and Government Mind Control, but was arrested last week after threatening to massacre YouTube employees.

FBI traced a series of death threats he made via social media back to his rural Oregon home, from a series of social media profiles where he ranted about fringe-right conspiracy theories and claimed YouTube was censoring him. In a still-live tweet from August, Douglas promoted a video promoting Nasim Aghdam, a YouTuber who opened fire on the company’s headquarters in April over the belief that her videos weren’t getting enough views.

But despite racking up more than 400,000 views on his videos in fewer than two years, Douglas claimed YouTube was censoring him.

“YouTube Is Censoring This Video Sound Analysis,” claims one of his video titles - on YouTube, on a video on his actual YouTube page, which is still available to view.