Sikh Youth, Tommy Robinson and Rebel Media

The Sikh Youth Group has an unassuming name. What they actually are is the new evolution of the English Defence League's Sikh Division.

Rather than being pro-Sikh, they are merely Anti-Islam. You'd think with Sikhs in the UK facing the same racial and faith hatred, they'd understand, but clearly not. Sikh Youth UK still fully support Far Right Terrorism Inciter Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (aka Tommy Robinson).

Labour MPs now attend their events, unaware, or maybe not. Sikh Youth are also engaging in Tommy Robinson-style doorstepping, encouraging vigilantism which hinders justice, screening Asian Muslims (only Muslims, of course) who they accuse of being paedophiles on the Sikh TV station .. which is broadcast on SKY's network of channels.

Worringly, they are now gaining mainstream Sikh Community kudos by organising football matches and funding community centres whilst still peddling their hate-mongering alt right video. They have big events and thus big bills. Who funds them ? The local community ? No.

The strong suggestion we've heard in many quarters is that they receive funding from both Anti-Muslim Media Channel Rebel TV, and the Anti-Muslim (and very well funded) Blog Gatestone Institute.

As for the Labour Rotherham MP Sarah Champion, she has linked up with Sikh Youth UK to support their campaigns and help promote their alt-right Rebel Media anti-Muslim video.

A Labour MP carelessly promoting the alt-right.

Like ISIS, there are Sikh extremists who are more than happy to create confilct on the streets where Muslims and Sikhs live side by side. When a Faith Group promotes one agenda only, that of Islamic Hatred, and allies with similair groups, they no longer represent their faith.

Sadly, more proof that no belief system is immune to extremism.