Social Media - The Red 'X' aka the 'Crosstika'

Anyone on Social Media - especially Twitter - will not have failed to notice the big, red X appear in some account names.

It's the new 'Kek' ;
It's the new 'Deplorables' ;
It's the new 'You may as well just block me right now and get it over with.'

Amid rumors on Twitter 'meddling in politics' and being 'biased against US Republicans', the X push started in late June, when two German Twitter users - supporters of the neo-Nazi AfD Party - created a website they claimed (since debunked) could tell whether individual Twitter handles had been subjected to 'quality filter discrimination' which Twitter claims makes it harder to find or engage with a user’s tweets.

Conservatives immediately called it ... the 'shadow-ban' - because that sounds kinda 'Deep State'-ish.

X is said to signify ...
... a protest at Twitter's latest policies of shadow banning specific users due to their political views.
Of course, in actuality, the X simply signifies that a user has had their account suspended at some point because they broke the Twitter Rules and someone reported them.

But it's really good for us regular people, as it provides a quick and handy guide as to the level of unhinged moonhowling you're likely to see on any account that displays it.