Sweden - Far Right Election Gains Are A Thin Veneer

From Cagle Cartoons by Marian Kamensky.

Recently we wrote about how the leader of Far Right Sweden Democrats, Jimmie Åkesson had softened his rhetoric - temporarily - on key issues, alienating core members but attracting more moderate racists.

And the result was shown last night in the Sweden Election where they came third with a vote share of about 18%.

Such softening on policy leads to splintering - we've seen it in the UK, where Ukip has now splintered into, at the last count, 6 different parties.

And now Alternative for Sweden (AfS) is a new party founded by maverick Sweden Democrats who believe their mother party wasn't radical enough.

But for the SD's, this spike in support it doesn't change what they were, what they are nor what they will revert to being now the election is passed. They were formed from Nazis, they retain the same in their organisation and have no intention of purging themselves.