The Far Right 'Carry-On Cruise' Is Cancelled

Rebel Media's 'Carry-On Cruise' has been scrapped.

Ezra Levant of 'Rebel Media' confirmed today that tickets are no longer being sold for a cruise of the Danube - termed the “Hate Boat” - where Katie Hopkins, 'Tommy Robinson', leaders of Generation Identity, and other notable right-wing names were due to speak, at a cost passenger of upwards of £3000 each.

Levant blamed it on 'lefties threats' but naturally the actual cause is another more prosaic reason - a simple lack of interest.

Another cracking idea
from Ezra Levant
The ticket agency involved, when we approached them under the guise of wanting a passage, informed us that we could have a free choice of berth as 'all cabins were still available'.

They later confirmed in a telephone call after the cancellation was announced that in fact 9 berths had been booked, including 7 for the 'speakers - and none had at that point been paid for, or a deposit received.

It's thought the aborted event has cost Rebel Media $2700 in expenses.