Theresa May on Brexit - 'Panic Dressed Up As Statecraft'

Theresa May went live on TV today to rebuff the EU's Brexit Plan rebuff, seemingly oblivious to the events of the last 24 hours, and, frozen deer-like, simply repeated the broken mantra she has stuck to all this week, glared at the camera, and walked off.

It was a vision of a PM lost, isolated, unsure of her future or support, and simply treading water.

In the very short broadcast, she proposed a 'third option' which the EU has already stated (since day one of this whole chaotic saga) is unacceptable.

After being told the UK cannot cherry-pick, she issued her list of demands: mainly cherries.

It was the worst day for the PM since she threw away the Tories majority after listening to her advisors say "Sure, call an election - what's the worst that could happen?"

She whined that the EU weren't helping. Newsflash : It's not their job to. It's like saying your landlord isn't helping you find a new flat, when you're demanding they pack for you and give you a lift there, too.

As the Guardian put it ...
No British prime minister taking on such a project can expect help from continental counterparts.

She reaffirmed familiar opinions. She rejected off-the-shelf models of association with the EU, the Norwegian and Canadian templates, on the grounds that the former retains too much Brussels jurisdiction, while the latter requires too tangible a border in Northern Ireland.

She ... trumpeted Britain’s readiness to embark on Brexit next year without any deal. To underline that point, she offered reassurance to EU citizens resident in the UK that their existing rights will be respected. For that to even need saying is testimony to the way ministers have allowed this process to be shrouded in confusion that in turn stokes alarm.

This was panic dressed up as statecraft.